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Courtney Costello, LCSW, Clinical Case Manager

July 16, 2021 | Pbm

The mental health journey can be confusing and complicated. As a Clinical Case Manager in the Behavioral Health business, Courtney takes the fear out of the situation. She goes above and beyond for our members and advocates for them in a proactive way. Courtney skillfully uses Motivational Interviewing to help empathetically walk in other’s shoes and discover the best way to support and provide resources they need on their healthcare journey. Courtney worked tirelessly during COVID-19 to help others access scarce resources, while working from home with two children and no childcare. Courtney also has an older brother who is deaf and says, “I was his voice and ears. He can’t speak or hear. It helped mold me into who I am today.” Her members feel like they are the only person that matter to her.