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Michael Sacks, Plan Sponsor Liaison

July 16, 2021 | Pbm

Michael is a shining example of extreme accountability and being member obsessed. Every action of his is to improve the member experience and help build trust with the member. Michael is a Plan Sponsor Liaison (PSL) on the Commercial Service Operations team. He is a mentor for his team and is the PSL of choice for the account teams. In the early days of COVID-19, there were many unknowns about how claims were explained or to be paid. Everyone had questions. Michael stepped up as the COVID-19 Champion Team lead. Michael’s commitment to personal wellness is just as strong. He practices yoga and plays tennis to manage stress and be at his best mentally and physically. Michael gives back to the community, running marathons for charity and volunteering for the March of Dimes. Michael says his work ethic comes from his mom, who divorced when he was young and worked hard to support the family. He was also adopted and says that this made him very grateful for all he has now.