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PBM Paragon winner Vanessa Marquez

February 12, 2021 | Pbm

Vanessa serves Medicare Part D members and is the first CVS Health Customer Care representative to ever receive a Paragon award in the 30 years of the Paragon program. Putting others first – her family, her coworkers, and our members – is what she’s driven to do. In 2020, Vanessa donated stem cells to her little brother to give him a better quality of life while living with a rare autoimmune genetic mutation. In the same way Vanessa cares for our members, she was also a strong pillar for her family by keeping a positive attitude to help her siblings, who also received the same diagnosis.

During her two short years with CVS Caremark, Vanessa has served as an interim supervisor and a subject matter expert for new hire training. She exceeds Med D scores and measures, including Mattersight Predictive Scores (MPS), time servicing member, and job knowledge assist. She says helping people is “like breathing” to her.