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Targeting health interventions and solutions

January 16, 2018 | Pbm

Data and advanced analytics can provide powerful insights into individual or population level health, which can be used to help improve health outcomes and lower costs for both payors and patients. These insights are integral in health care and can help deliver a highly personalized and targeted health care experience as well as maximize payors’ health care spend.

Bob Darin, Senior Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer of CVS Health, talks about one way CVS Health leverages advanced analytics and our extensive pharmacy database for our pharmacy benefit management (PBM) clients and members, including:

  • Monitoring, in near real-time, pharmaceutical marketplace trends, such as drug price or utilization changes, that can affect payor’s benefit spend
  • Modeling impact of specific interventions on certain marketplace trends
  • Improving access to critical medications for our PBM members
  • Predicting which PBM members may be most impacted by a benefit plan change, which then allows for targeted interventions to help members smoothly through the transition


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