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Video tutorials showcase Spoken Rx, audible prescription solution by CVS Pharmacy

February 21, 2023 |3 minute read time

Person holding pill bottle equipped with RFID technology to read prescription label information aloud.

Audible prescription labels are easily explained in a series of seven videos created in collaboration with Hadley, a non-profit that provides dedicated resources for people with vision loss.

Being able to read prescriptions accurately is fundamental to safety and wellness for the patients that fill prescriptions at CVS Pharmacy® every year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than three in five Americans over the age of 40 will experience vision loss by 2050 without effective intervention — equal to about 90 million people.1 Low vision is already a leading cause of loss of independence.

“Empowering adults with vision loss or blindness to thrive is our mission,” says Doug Walker, Chief Innovation Officer at Hadley, a non-profit that provides dedicated resources for people with vision loss. Hadley carries out this mission, in part, by offering short tutorials online or through the mail, and always free of charge.

Doug is legally blind himself. “When it comes to managing medicines, there can be fear. And I can speak to that personally: fear that you’re going to take the wrong medication or confusion about a medication with a similar name, how many times a day you’re supposed to take it, the dose,” he says. “Spoken Rx® is an innovation that makes prescription labels accessible and supports independence — there is nothing else in the market like it. That’s why we made the videos.”

Videos that create simplicity

CVS Pharmacy collaborated with Hadley to create a seven-part video series that explains how to use Spoken Rx in simple formats they call “workshops.”

“We created these workshops with Hadley as a resource for our patients, developed by a team of leading professionals with expertise in creating content specifically for those with vision loss” said Lindsey Desrosiers, Manager, CVS Pharmacy Operations.

“But we also wanted to provide an avenue for our pharmacy teams to direct patients to learn more about the benefits of the Spoken Rx tool. Ultimately, patients and pharmacy teams benefit from the independence and safety that comes with the ability to read your own pharmacy labels.”

“The videos are clear, simple, step-by-step — really well done. That simplicity is going to offer help beyond folks who identify as having disabilities,” said Anna Thielke Director, Digital of Inclusive Design for CVS Health, who also has low vision. “Spoken Rx is a differentiator and is recognized for its design. But there is also a huge potential to reach older adults as well and help with medication adherence.”

What is Spoken Rx?

  • It’s an inclusive, digital innovation: Spoken Rx is an innovative and inclusive label affixed to prescription bottles that, through radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, reads prescription label information aloud in English or Spanish. It serves as an important aid for patients with complete blindness, visual impairment, literacy or language difficulties, or dyslexia.
  • It’s an omnichannel experience: Spoken Rx leverages digital technology with the physical experience of pharmacy to support consumers and patients on their health care journey. The feature is standard on the CVS Pharmacy app — accessible to anyone who wants to use it.
  • It’s easy to access: Patients can request the audible label at any of the more than 9,000 CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide and is available at no cost to patients.


With the Spoken Rx feature open in the CVS Pharmacy app, patients can just tap their phones against the label to hear vital prescription information. If a patient doesn’t have a smart phone, they can request a stand-alone reader to keep at home. One device is available to each patient at no cost. To learn more about Spoken Rx, patients can speak to their local CVS Pharmacy team or visit