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A health screening scorecard

Sept 18, 2023 |1 minute read time

What conditions should most people be tested for — and how often are they doing it? 

Preventive care is supposed to catch medical issues before they get serious. But a recent survey showed that 65% of Americans — about two-thirds of the country — aren’t up to date on cancer screenings, leading to greater risk of serious disease. While cost is one roadblock to getting this type of care, the bigger barrier is that two in five people simply don’t know what tests they’re supposed to get.*

The graphic below shows the most common adult screenings recommended by the United States Preventive Services Task Force. How are you doing — and how do you compare to the rest of the country? The uptake for some tests, such as osteoporosis, is dishearteningly low. But the much wider screening rates for breast and colorectal cancer show what’s possible. You can schedule an appointment for any of these screenings at a MinuteClinic® location.

Keep in mind that children 18 and under require additional screenings, and that all health screening and preventive care needs should be discussed with your physician.

Download the infographic (PDF)

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