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Retail innovation redefines our customer experience

April 20, 2017 | Retail

Discover the new CVS Pharmacy format, slated for 800 stores.
Our April 2017 event launched our reimagined store format and new products, all designed in the name of better health.
New beauty offerings connect looking good with feeling good.
CVS Pharmacy’s beauty selection innovations emphasize beauty with a purpose, offering products that connect looking good with feeling good.
A reimagined CVS Pharmacy checkout.
Our launch event highlighted our new merchandise in health, beauty and healthier food, and showcased our streamlined layout to highlight themes that make shopping easier.
CVS Pharmacy offers new products to help customers stay well.
CVS Pharmacy’s reimagined store format evolves our product focus from “sick care” to self-care to help customers stay well.

Our decision to stop selling tobacco was a pivotal moment for us as a company. Our customers wanted to know “What’s next?”, and this was the catalyst for us to rethink our retail experience. We started the journey in 2015 by introducing a new store format with healthier food selections and an enhanced beauty environment. As we thought about what was next, we knew we needed to leverage our expertise in health — and bring our purpose of helping people on their path to better health — to life in our retail environment.

We revealed the results of this work in New York City in April 2017 with a reimagined store design, new health services, expanded health and beauty product offerings and more “better-for-you” products throughout the store. In addition to the in-store changes, the mobile experience and ExtraCare Rewards program continue to evolve, offering more ways for customers to enhance their shopping experience and earn personalized rewards seamlessly within the CVS app.

Evolution of store design

Our new store format offers a streamlined layout to make shopping easier with 100+ feet of new merchandise in health, beauty and “better for you” categories. “Discovery zones” in key health categories take a holistic approach to care and product selections, and customers are guided by informational signage with guidance to make finding the right solution easier.

Expanded health services

As we continued to enhance our customer experience, we saw a natural link between hearing and vision health, and overall health and quality of life. Following a successful pilot with 12 stores, we're adding hearing and optical services to nearly 50 new locations.

From sick-care to self-care

Our customers aren’t just looking for products to help when they are sick, they want products to help them stay well. We are vastly expanding its offerings throughout health with a broader selection of vitamins, supplements and nutrition products from specialty brands like Irwin Naturals, New Chapter and Navitas Organics Superfood Mix Ins.

Beauty with purpose

We continue to enhance beauty with new “on-trend” beauty brands like Wunder2, Tigi Cosmetics and a large selection of exclusive Korean Beauty offerings as well as products that have greater skin health benefits and more natural ingredients. To help improve customer exploration and inspiration, a new “trend wall” has been added to 2,000 stores featuring new launches and niche brands.

Healthier foods

Even more “better-for-you” food options including 27 new items under the exclusive Gold Emblem Abound™ product line. Healthier choices, including Alo Exposed Waters, EPIC bison bars and That’s It. bars will make up approximately 50 percent of all food options found throughout the store.

Making “better” easier with higher standards

The catalyst for the evolution of the retail stores was CVS Pharmacy’s decision in 2014 to stop selling tobacco.

Now we are extending that commitment by:

  • Removing certain chemicals from beauty and personal care lines. By the end of 2019, all parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde donors in products within the CVS Health, Beauty 360, Essence of Beauty, Promise Organic and Blade store brand product lines will be removed.

  • Developing new standards for vitamins and supplements. CVS Pharmacy is embarking on the development of new standards for vitamins and supplements, with the goal of full implementation by 2019. The standards will require third-party testing of ingredient listings for vitamins and supplements, as well as product testing for certain ingredients of concern.

CVS Pharmacy was also the first national retail pharmacy chain to announce the removal of artificial trans fats from all exclusive store brand food products. In addition, we recently removed all sun care products with SPF lower than 15 from our shelves while expanding products with SPF 30/broad spectrum, natural beauty brands and products focused on skin health.