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Every day is Earth Day for the “GreenTeam”

May 09, 2017 | Sustainability


CVS Health colleagues are committed to giving back to their local communities, whether volunteering at a community health center to offer medical screenings, serving on a nonprofit board, or talking to local students about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

To extend this spirit of volunteerism and as part of our commitment to increase our engagement around environmental sustainability among our colleagues, we developed the new GreenTeam Colleague Resource Group (CRG). The goal of the GreenTeam is to harness this enthusiasm and engage colleagues across the organization in supporting the health of the environment.

“When launching the GreenTeam CRG, our goal was to inspire and drive passion among colleagues regarding environmental sustainability,” says Nadine King, Manager, Corporate Environmental at CVS Health and Enterprise Co-Chair for the GreenTeam. “A lot of people who aren’t in the corporate environmental department at CVS Health still want to do something for the greater good, and together we can have a big impact.”

Early progress

The GreenTeam was formally launched in 2016, and has hosted events throughout early 2017 to engage colleagues in green initiatives and grow membership. The GreenTeam has garnered support from senior leaders including its Executive Sponsor, Eileen Howard Boone, SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy. By early 2017, more than 150 colleagues had joined the first chapter at CVS Health’s Rhode Island headquarters. The GreenTeam has plans to expand nationwide; colleagues across the country have indicated interest in forming new chapters.

The GreenTeam’s mission is to make environmental sustainability a relevant part of every colleague’s role and responsibility. “We hope the GreenTeam will bring together colleagues from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and business areas,” says Caitlin O’Donnell, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at CVS Health and Enterprise Co-Chair for the GreenTeam. “This should help us develop innovative ideas that can be implemented across our business units.”

Incorporating colleague feedback

Colleague feedback is vital to sustaining membership, and the team takes member opinions into consideration when planning events and communications. The group will serve as a forum for information about CVS Health sustainability initiatives, offer tips about how colleagues can make an impact outside the office, and host events that support the environment and health of local communities.

“In our daily operations and even with special events, like the CVS Health Charity Classic, we strive to be mindful of the environment and think of ways to reduce our impact,” King says.

Setting a model for other chapters, the Rhode Island chapter will organize three or four volunteering events each year, such as cleanups at beaches and parks.

“By coming together, we can help promote sustainability not only for the company, but for ourselves, our families and our local communities,” O’Donnell says.