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Sustainable Supplier Partner of the Year: Colgate-Palmolive

May 17, 2018 | Sustainability

Child brushing teeth

Support from our suppliers is vital to helping us deliver on our CSR strategy. In 2016, we introduced our supplier award program for sustainability and social responsibility to recognize our suppliers' efforts across our three key CSR pillars as well as their partnership with us on CSR initiatives. In 2017, we were pleased to recognize Colgate-Palmolive—a global consumer goods company focused on household, health care and personal care products—with this award.

Colgate champions sustainability and social responsibility through initiatives such as its Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program, providing millions of children around the world with oral health education. Colgate has also issued a commodity-specific Policy on Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing of Palm Oils; is ranked best-in-class on the CDP and Newsweek Green rankings; and is a member of the Consumer Goods Forum, demonstrating its commitment to fair labor practices.

As a leader in social responsibility, Colgate shares our vision for advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is a fellow participant in the UN Global Compact. Like CVS Health, Colgate prioritizes product sustainability, values diversity within its supply chain, and has been named to DiversityInc.'s Top 50.

Colgate continues to stand out as a valuable and engaging supplier partner. In 2018, we plan to partner on a recycling initiative to help our customers properly dispose of difficult-to-recycle items such as toothpaste tubes.