Aetna Tackles Issues Outside Health Care to Improve Health

At Aetna, we recognize that the answers to better health lie beyond the health care delivered by doctors and hospitals. That’s why we take an integrated and comprehensive approach to wellness and prevention that reaches people where they live and work.

Our programs are helping people to stop smoking, start exercising, eat better, reduce stress and be mindful at work and at home. For years, we have offered programs integrating behavioral and medical care, recognizing that a broader approach is needed to achieve better health care outcomes. We’ve been directly engaging and supporting people in their health through personalized programs such as metabolic syndrome testing to prompt lifestyle changes. We work with employers to put these programs in place. And for more than a decade we’ve collected data, conducted studies and designed programs to help eliminate racial and ethnic disparities, because when it comes to health, race and ethnicity do matter. Our efforts have provided access, education and information that have helped improve health care treatment and outcomes in areas such as diabetes, women’s health, cultural competency, depression and cardiovascular health.

Our influence extends beyond our own membership. We reach out through the Aetna Foundation to support community organizations doing work on the front lines, in schools and neighborhoods to build a healthier world.