An adult female stands in her very bright, modern kitchen while using a smartphone and inspects her CVS Pharmacy prescription bottle.

Care management

CVS Caremark® provides personalized, expert support so that our members can make informed decisions along their health care journey.

An adult female stands in her very bright, modern kitchen while using a smartphone and inspects her CVS Pharmacy prescription bottle.

Providing a personal touch: When Cathy met Bonnie

Accordant health management nurse Bonnie Hale helps mail carrier Cathy Field in Maine live her best life while coping with two invisible but complex and rare diseases.

How we support you on your journey

It’s well known and backed by evidence that patients are better able to get the health care they need and better outcomes when they have personalized support. So, in addition to helping make medicines more affordable and as convenient as possible to access, CVS Caremark also provides personalized, expert support to members as they make health care decisions along their journey. We do this because everyone deserves an advocate, and nothing should stand between people and their path to better health.

Personalized support

When members have questions about their medications, our specially trained clinicians make sure they understand how to appropriately take those medications and stay on them. Our Pharmacy Advisor program helps CVS Caremark members achieve better health through direct contact with a pharmacist, either in person or by phone.

Through our nurse-led chronic care management program, patients with rare, chronic diseases can get special support to understand and manage their symptoms, use their medicines properly, and improve their day-to-day health. 

Our Accordant nurse care management program delivers personalized health care advice to members and their caregivers managing rare and chronic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and more. Our specially trained nurse teams and support staff are available by phone and online to counsel patients, answer questions and provide ongoing coaching.

Patients who need specialty medications for other complex care needs can also get comprehensive clinical support and counseling to manage their conditions.

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Our Transform Care™ programs offer highly personalized support to help CVS Caremark members with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, effectively manage and ultimately improve their overall health.

For example, our Transform Diabetes Care program has helped 50% of patients with uncontrolled diabetes move to controlled status – which ultimately lowers the incidence of related health issues like heart disease, stroke and kidney damage. That can help patients avoid unnecessary emergency treatment, stay out of the hospital and save on health care costs.

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If I had not had the Accordant nurses to help me, I really don’t know what I would’ve done in some situations… just to have somebody who understands my conditions, the impact it can have on my life… is really what’s helped me the most.

Cathy Field, CVS Accordant patient