A young boy, wearing red boxing gloves and a cape, receives an IV drip.

Infusion services

Whether at home or at an ambulatory infusion center, Coram meets patients where they are and provides exceptional patient care where and when it is most convenient.

A young boy, wearing red boxing gloves and a cape, receives an IV drip.

How we support your infusion therapy needs

Coram® CVS Specialty® Infusion Services (Coram) delivers high-quality infusion and tube feeding therapy services in home-based and ambulatory clinic settings to more than 50,000 patients each month. Our team is made up of advanced certified and highly trained clinicians, and we’re the only national home infusion provider accredited by The Joint Commission. 

Infusion therapy, the process of delivering medication or nutrition into the bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) catheter, can be performed in the home, or in hospitals, ambulatory infusion centers and retail stores.

A nurse, wearing a scrubs and a stethoscope, stands in a walkway to user her tablet.

Meeting you where you are

As a leading provider of home infusion and tube feeding therapy, Coram helps many patients avoid extended hospital stays or placement in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home. Services are also provided at more than 90 locations nationwide, including nearly 70 ambulatory infusion suites and four CVS Pharmacy locations.

This combination of home-based care, ambulatory infusion suites and retail settings allows Coram to provide infusion and tube feeding care to adults and children of all ages where they live, work and travel.

Decorative depiction of a hanging infusion bag.

Coram offers a comprehensive range of infusion therapies.

Available therapies include but are not limited to: Alpha-1, Anti-infectives, Cardiac (inotropes), Hemophilia, Immunoglobulin, IV nutrition (parenteral), Pain and palliative care, Pre- and post-transplant, and Tube feeding (enteral).

Quality care for lower cost

Coram is committed to ensuring patients receive high-quality infusion therapy services, regardless of location. Our home-based patients often experience better clinical outcomes and fewer side effects and complications. Our patients receiving care at one of our ambulatory infusion suites can expect high-quality care delivered in a safe and comfortable setting with convenient, free parking and flexible scheduling, including evening and weekend appointments. 

When delivered in the home, infusion therapy costs are typically $1,928 to $2,974 lower than in hospitals or doctors’ offices, according to a study from the CVS Health Research Institute.

Support for patients and hospitals during the pandemic

During the nationwide shortage of hospital beds due to COVID-19, Coram works with hospitals and providers to increase bed capacity. By enhancing its existing home infusion capacity and capabilities, Coram helps transition eligible IV-therapy patients to home-based care.

This includes enhanced clinical monitoring, virtual support and oversight through telehealth to complement existing personalized in-home support, coordination, education and administration of medications and supplies.

A nurse prepares for her day by donning personal protective equipment (PPE).