Prescription bottles on a table near a pill organizer.

Prescription drug coverage

At CVS Caremark®, we are champions for value — working to ensure a path to better health with affordable medications, ease of access to medications, and personalized support along the way.

Prescription bottles on a table near a pill organizer.

Partnering for prescription drug savings and support

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We reduce prescription drug costs

For decades, CVS Caremark has pioneered bold approaches to reduce prescription drug costs for our clients and members. Our efforts help more than 100 million people get the medications they need at prices they can afford. In fact, 85% of our members spend less than $300 on prescriptions each year.

As the health care system becomes increasingly complex and drugs become more expensive, our work has never been more important.

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We support people on the path to better health

Taking a new prescription, either for a new diagnosis or an existing condition, often comes with many questions. At CVS Caremark, we don’t just manage insurance claims. Our professionals — adhering to decisions made by your healthcare provider — offer personalized support to each patient so that they can successfully start and stay on their medications, leading to better health care outcomes and lower costs.

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We meet members where they are

When health care is accessible and convenient, people are healthier, and costs are lower — it’s that simple. While many patients prefer to get their medications in person at their local pharmacy, CVS Caremark offers the option to receive prescriptions by mail wherever it’s most convenient — whether it’s at home, at the office, or while on vacation.

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We share needed information

Being transparent means enabling people to get all the information they need about their prescriptions, including understanding how to maximize their benefits by selecting the lowest-cost medicine under their plan. CVS Caremark helps answer questions about insurance coverage, directing members and pharmacists to the lowest-cost option at the pharmacy counter. Additionally, using the CVS Pharmacy Rx Savings Finder, retail pharmacists can quickly and seamlessly evaluate a patient’s prescription regimen, medication history and insurance plan information to find individual prescription savings opportunities.

Similarly, we provide our employer and health plan clients with detailed reports demonstrating the savings we’ve secured on their behalf through our negotiations with drug makers.

Helping members during COVID-19

Even during a pandemic, people must continue their routine care and prescriptive treatment. We play an important role at the center of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our advanced analytics have allowed us to quickly identify changes in prescribing patterns and enabled us to take proactive steps to help ensure supply for those who need it, such as:

  • Limiting stockpiling that could result in future shortages and gaps in care
  • Monitoring the global manufacturing environment
  • Extending previously-approved prior authorizations for most medications
  • Working with clients to waive early refill limits
  • Dispensing an average of over 170,000 prescriptions a week
  • Implementing Return Ready, a comprehensive, customizable COVID-19 testing solution helping employers safely return employees to worksites.

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