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CVS Health® is here for women

From medical services and products to policy changes and strategic partnerships, we support women's mental and physical well-being. Our goal is to provide more transparent, equitable and accessible health care.

Learn how we’re supporting women’s health

Open on a woman speaking directly to camera. We see many different kinds of women from across the US.

WOMAN 1: Here, is CVS health.

Cut to a woman at her home.


WOMAN 2: Here, our needs are taken seriously.

The same woman is then seen taking a virtual care appointment on her laptop. We see/hear hints of kids playing in background.


WOMAN 2: Here, we’ll never be told that our concerns are all in our head.

Cut to another woman speaking directly to the camera, and then shopping in a CVS. We the woman deciding between a men’s razor and women’s razor.


WOMAN 3: Here, we don’t think we should pay more than men … for the same thing.

Cut to another woman speaking to a camera in her home.


WOMAN 4: Or pay taxes for period products.

We see a dad/daughter walking down a CVS aisle of feminine care products. The daughter grabs a box of pads, and drops it in the basket the Dad is holding.

Cut to a woman in a CVS HealthHub at her appointment.


WOMAN 5: Here, we can ask tough questions,

Cut to the same woman speaking directly to camera in her home. Our MinuteClinic Nurse Practitioner walks in and speaks with our woman.


WOMAN 5: day…

As the scene pulls out, we see our Nurse Practitioner is advising a couple with their sick son over a virtual care



WOMAN 5 (VO): …or night.


WOMAN 6: Here, our health matters.

The mom pulls out her phone to order medicinal supplies for her sick son through the CVS app.

Cut to a nurse, whose shirt displays an Aetna logo, checking an older woman’s blood pressure at an in-home health visit.


WOMAN 7 (VO): And that includes…

We see the same woman at her home speaking directly to camera.


WOMAN 7 (VO): Our physical health, and our mental health…

We see a woman who appeared earlier at her home speaking directly to camera.


WOMAN 5: …and sexual health, too.

Cut to another woman. She’s unboxing, pulling out women’s products, medicine, etc.

Cut to a young woman looking in the mirror.


WOMAN 8: Here, we can have a healthy relationship with Beauty.

Cut to another woman speaking directly to camera.


WOMAN 9: Here, we’re actually heard.

Cut to a different woman speaking directly to camera. We match cut to her walking into a CVS and picking up a purchase (BOPIS). We see a CVS employee in the background handing her the bag.


WOMAN 10 (VO): And because of that, we can focus on getting healthier..

We then cut to the woman speaking sitting down at a table speaking to the camera. We then see the woman sitting on a bed with her daughter.


WOMAN 10: Together.

Cut to a woman signing together. Then cut to a CVS pharmacist speaking to someone.


WOMAN 11: Together.


WOMAN 5: Together.

We cut to two different woman we saw earlier saying Together.


WOMAN 7: Together


WOMAN 5: Together

We return to the first woman outside spending time with her kids.

We then cut to a woman facing the camera in her home with a CVS bag in the background.


AVO: Here, Healthier Happens Together. CVS Health.


Super: Learn more at

Here, period health matters

We did it!

We're proud to announce that we reached our goal of donating one million period products in one month to help end period poverty. We couldn't have done it without you.

First periods just got a little easier

Helping children navigate their first period isn't easy. So we created this useful box that includes supplies, tips and fun extras they'll love. (Limited quantities available.)

First period box and some content including stickers, period products, information, calendar and more.

Helpful information on period health

We believe period health is part of a woman's total health. We've curated some information on periods to help women navigate this part of their lives.

two women of color share a moment looking at a laptop.

Period care matters

We’re paying the tax on period products* on behalf of our customers in Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and West Virginia, and are working to help eliminate the tax nationwide.

woman packs a tampon in her backpack.

Period health services are here

MinuteClinic® locations at CVS® offer menstrual services* that include irregular period evaluations, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) services, treatment of menopausal symptoms and more.

a woman health care provider and her female patient discuss period health.

Here, we believe in equity

Women's razors placed next to men's razors to highlight price equity

Some call it the “pink tax.” We call it unfair.

We don’t think women should pay more than men for the same thing. So we’re standing up for price equity. After all, a razor is just a razor.

Shop women's care

Here, your heart’s in the right place

Comprehensive heart health care

Board-certified providers at MinuteClinic® locations at CVS® are here to help support women’s heart health. From hypertension management to high cholesterol monitoring, MinuteClinic health care is available seven days a week both in person and virtually.

A woman practicioner checks the heart health of a woman of color.

Heart health support products

Find the products you may need to help support your heart health. Shop in store, online or with free CVS Pickup today.

Women’s health products

Bringing health care anywhere

With in-store events and our new mobile care units, Project Health provides free health screenings to communities all over the U.S.

CVS Health Project Health mobile unit

Heart health happens together

CVS Pharmacy proudly supports the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women® movement, empowering women to take charge of their heart health.

American Heart Association Go Red for Women

Take care of your heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. The good news, however, is that 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes are preventable.

Women’s health

Here, we’re providing access

Woman interacts with her health care provider on video chat.

Our goal is convenient care for women

Here, women’s needs are taken seriously. That’s why we take a personalized approach to care by offering convenient, easy-to-access services through MinuteClinic at CVS, Aetna and Caremark.

Explore MinuteClinic women’s health services

Here, beauty images are never altered

A healthier relationship with beauty begins here

Our pledge is to pass a healthier self-image onto the next generation. That’s why our beauty images are never retouched and that’s a beautiful thing.

Two young naturally beautiful women of color hang out and laught together. The logo for beauty unaltered is shown.
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  • *FOR PERIOD PRODUCT TAX: Effective October 5, 2022, CVS® will pay applicable sales tax on period products on our customers’ behalf in Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and West Virginia. In certain states, organizations cannot pay taxes on behalf of customers. Exclusions apply. States are subject to change.

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  • *FOR PERIOD PRODUCT PRICE REDUCTION: Qualifying period products include CVS Health® and Live Better® by CVS Health brand tampons, menstrual pads, liners and cups at core CVS Pharmacy® locations. 25% reduction is based on the regular retail price as of dates on or before October 13, 2022, and will not reflect promotions or sales. Visit for details.

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  • *FOR MINUTECLINIC: Services and appointment availability may vary.

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