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Healthy 2030 Impact Report

Creating a better world today and for generations to come

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Holding ourselves accountable

Our Healthy 2030 strategy outlines how we are creating a more equitable health care system and sustainable future for all. This strategy guides all of our actions across CVS Health® and is embedded in our purpose and progress within our pillars — Healthy People, Healthy Business, Healthy Community and Healthy Planet.


Together, we push ourselves toward growth — setting high standards and holding ourselves to them, working daily to create value for those who trust and rely on us and ensuring every action we take is done ethically and transparently.

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In 2023, we completed a prioritization assessment using an impact-based methodology. The emerging priorities showed a continued alignment with our Healthy 2030 strategy.

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Our current and previous reports live here.

CVS Health recognizes that advancing our Healthy 2030 strategy and achieving our goals requires the input and collaboration of a diverse set of external and internal stakeholders.

One year closer to Healthy 2030

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Building a healthier future

Our work to build a Healthy 2030 would not be possible without the drive and heart of our colleagues.

Karen S. Lynch,

President and Chief Executive Officer, CVS Health

We’re making a difference in America’s health