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Making connections through Colleague Resource Groups

December 08, 2021 | Community

As one of the largest employers in the United States, it’s important to offer programs that help our employees develop and grow professionally, while also providing the opportunity to connect with one another through a particular affinity, culture or perspective.

Our Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) serve this purpose for more than 26,000 employees across all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico.

A variety of perspectives

There are more than a dozen CRGs operating more than 40 chapters across our organization. These groups represent a wide variety of professional, cultural and personal interests. These include:

  • aNative: Celebrates the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories of American Indians and Alaska Natives, while also acknowledging the important contributions of Native people in the past and present.

  • Asian Professional Network Association (APNA): Dedicated to the personal and professional development of Asian American colleagues within the CVS Health organization. Development is achieved through a blend of vehicles such as peer mentorship, community outreach, philanthropic achievements, and cross-CRG involvement.

  • Black Colleague Resource Group (BCRG): Dedicated to the personal and professional interests of CVS Health colleagues who self-identify as African, African-American, Black, Cape Verdean, West Indian or being of African descent. Membership is open to all colleagues, regardless of race or ethnicity, and the group promotes inclusion, networking, community outreach and mentorship.

  • BRAVE: Engages colleagues to support programs that honor veterans and their families while also leading the way in making CVS Health an industry recognized employer of veterans, and active members of the National Guard and Reserve.

  • CapAbilities: Increases awareness of the important role that customers and colleagues with disabilities play in our workforce, workplace and marketplace by taking action to foster, at all levels of CVS Health, an inclusive, supportive environment that empowers all individuals with differing abilities and their allies.

  • DRIVEN: Provides members of all generations with opportunities to grow with CVS Health by focusing on development, mentoring and networking while providing strategic input to the company on how to best communicate with all generations.

  • Faith: Helps colleagues on their path to better health by building awareness and educating about religious diversity, increases employee engagement by demonstrating the value of diversity and supports faith-based partnership opportunities that advance enterprise growth initiatives.

  • Family & Caregivers (FC): Empowers colleagues to become informed, successful and engaged in the workplace and brings together colleagues who are parents/caregivers to provide mutual support through shared concerns and experiences. This group works to be a resource for colleagues to support the growth and development of healthy families and to partner with community agencies and groups to provide a broad range of programs and activities to meet the needs of colleagues and their families.

  • FitClub: Embodies the CVS Health purpose of helping people on their path to better health, through group activities – including running, yoga, healthy eating – that help colleagues live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

  • Green Team: Promotes environmental awareness and sustainability, and makes environmental sustainability a relevant part of every colleague's role and responsibility through education and volunteer opportunities.

  • Juntos: A multicultural organization comprised of members of Latin ethnicities. The group cultivates and fosters a positive ecosystem where Latin culture awareness promotes inclusivity through partnership opportunities in our Latin communities reinforced through colleague empowerment.

  • Mental Well-Being: Create a stigma-free culture around mental well-being for all. Foster a community that enables vulnerability, bravery and unmatched connections that create opportunities for equitable access, full health and well-being.

  • Outliers: Connects analytics professionals, both current and aspiring, within the organization to promote thought diversity and nurture a culture invested in data-driven decision making.

  • Pride+: Builds and facilitates a culture of inclusion for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender colleagues and their allies. Open to everyone, this group has a national focus and structure.

  • Virtual: Addresses the needs of a growing virtual workforce, promoting connections, engagement and collaboration across the enterprise, while enabling CVS Health to attract and retain the best talent, regardless of location.

  • WISE: Women Inspiring Success and Excellence. Provides colleagues, especially women, at CVS Health with educational, mentoring, and volunteer opportunities that will promote empowerment to develop leadership and networking skills for continued industry success.



CRGs benefit our employees and our company


CRGs offer a variety of benefits for our employees and for our company. Employees receive support for their professional development through networking, mentoring, and learning and development opportunities. In addition, our CRGs serve as a focused communication channel between company leadership and employees meant to foster open dialogue about company initiatives, company policies, practices and our products and services.

CRG members are also exposed to educational and awareness-building opportunities such as workshops, panel discussions and guest speakers, cultural events and celebrations, cross-group collaboration and community involvement.

CVS Health benefits through the insight and advice CRGs can provide through unique knowledge of particular markets, demographics and customer, particularly in relation to sales, customer service, marketing and development of products and services.

CRGs are one component of our comprehensive Strategic Diversity Management Program. For more information about diversity and inclusion at CVS Health, visit the Diversity page in our About section.