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Global Accessibility Awareness Day: What accessibility means to CVS Health

May 20, 2022 | Diversity Equity Inclusion

A young man using sign language to communicate in a conversation with a woman

CVS Health® joins hundreds of organizations around the world in celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day, an event to inspire conversations about digital accessibility and inclusion for the more than one billion people living with disabilities and impairments.

CVS Health is committed to delivering best-in-class health experiences to our customers. This commitment critically depends on equitable offerings, including accessible experiences for all our customers.

To us, accessibility is all about:

  • Providing unique and compelling experiences for everyone by removing informational, technical and cognitive barriers to help customers achieve their best health in their own way.

  • Making the world functional for those who use assistive technologies and those who need clarity and simplicity to navigate efficiently.

Raising accessibility awareness

We are continuously innovating to anticipate and improve health care access for people with disabilities. The story recently shared about Ethan Hollinger, an engineer here at CVS Health who works to ensure our offerings are accessible for all—whether it’s making a purchase from the retail store or scheduling a COVID-19 test—is just one example of how CVS Health is delivering a more accessible experience for consumers. In addition, our Spoken Rx “Talking” Prescription Labels are in line with our commitment to accessibility. This groundbreaking CVS Pharmacy® app feature reads prescription information aloud via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Enrolled patients can use Siri or Google Assistant to open the app on their smartphone.

At CVS Health, we live and work within communities of people with disabilities and believe that empathy-driven accessible experiences benefit everyone. We are proud of the impact of services like Spoken Rx “Talking” Prescription labels, honored to raise awareness of how digital tools can promote inclusivity as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day and committed to continuing our work in this area. CVS Health is excited to contribute to a future that prioritizes and provides equitable health care.