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Personalized and protected: Health and wellness for the globally mobile

August 14, 2018 | Health And Wellness Products


From vital signs to MRI results, and from wearable fitness trackers, genome sequencing to family history and more, health care consumers and their records are awash with data.

Accessing, analyzing and using that data can be difficult when the information is spread across disparate databases. What’s more, consumers who have been faced with countless data breaches in recent years are wary of who should have access to that data.

“More data has been created in the past two years than in all previous years combined,” says Aetna International Chief Information Officer Alan Payne. “Humans can’t comprehend this level of data, and this has driven innovations like cognitive computing and artificial intelligence.”

What are the potential solutions to ensure that consumers’ health and wellness benefit from all this health data?

In a new study, Aetna International examines the impact big data could have on the delivery of quality health care and explores some of the large and small ways that impact is already being felt.

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