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2021: Our year in health

December 17, 2021 | Healthy Communities News

We began 2021 on a hopeful note, as Healthy Communities News documented the rollout of the first COVID-19 vaccines in long-term care facilities. What a moment! As we look back at all the shows we’ve produced this year, the ongoing pandemic and its effects have naturally been top of mind, particularly around vaccination efforts and mental health. But Healthy Communities News also covered other health-related stories, like the drive to reduce HIV infections through increased testing. In this edition, we revisit the year past and look forward to new topics for 2022.

While 2021 has certainly been a rollercoaster year, Melissa finds hope throughout this past year’s coverage on the podcast. She shares some of her favorite moments where people across the country have been galvanized to connect in new ways, and to help others, all the more!

To quote Marco Benjamin, National Liaison for CVS’s HIV / Sexual Health Patient Advocacy, “It's not to say that, ‘That's not my part. That's your part.’ No, it's all of us. That's the only way that we're going to end it.”