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New Orleans was hit hard by COVID-19

May 29, 2020 | Healthy Communities News

New Orleans was hit hard by COVID-19: music, tourism, and residents alike. We spoke with Dr. Meghan Maslanka (Physician, LSU Medical Center) who worked alongside local officials, like Congressman Cedric Richmond, to retrofit the New Orleans Convention Center as a backup medical monitoring facility to relieve a potential overflow of patients at the city’s hospitals. We also spoke to Leslie Sparks, Shardae Pierre, Kevin Storm, Michael Ogbonna, and Katelyn Schehr from the pharmacy side, who provided support at the Convention Center.

Teaming up to fight the pandemic in New Orleans

New Orleans is no stranger to adversity, and relies on its deep community roots to unite residents as they band together to respond to the pandemic. In this month’s podcast episode, we spoke to Danielle Taylor, a CVS Pharmacy District Leader and both of her parents, Jessie and Thais Ardouin, who were hospitalized at the same time with COVID-19. We also hear from Reinaldo Martinez, a CVS store manager, who is coping with loss in his family and leaning on his love of New Orleans, his coworkers, and staying busy with work to cope.