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San José Clinic: Serving Houston for 98 Years, and going strong

November 10, 2020 | Healthy Communities News

The San José Clinic has been tucked into the middle of Houston for 98 years, serving more than 4,000 uninsured patients each year, with a small staff and a dedicated crew of volunteers. They are a shining example of how to build healthy communities.

For many residents of Harris County, getting sick can be a real financial crisis yet US News & World Report ranks Harris County among the top 30 counties in Texas for population health.

COVID-19 has exposed a lot of fault lines and disparities across the country, as well as some unforeseen strengths. With help from the CVS Health Foundation, the San José Clinic was quick to adapt — turning their pharmacy into a drive-thru, launching telehealth services, and more. In addition to the people featured in the video, our podcast (below) provides in-depth interviews with Maureen Sanders, President and CEO; Pharmacy Director Adlia Eibed; and Randall Flores, who spent a year with San José Clinic for his clinical pharmacy residency.