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The 'New Normal'

April 21, 2022 | Healthy Communities News

Even as we keep an eye on emerging COVID-19 variants, many Americans are working to get back to pre-pandemic routines. A recent CVS Health-Harris Poll National Health Project study showed that nearly three in five Americans think the worst of the pandemic is behind us. 

In this edition of Healthy Communities News, we look at several aspects of everyday life, from in-person health care to restaurant dining. We also discuss the return to the office for many American workers. After two years of being remote, coming back to in-person work has been an adjustment for everyone. Finally, we hear from Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, the Chief Medical Executive for Michigan’s Department of Health & Human Services, who talked about how we can assess risk.

Finding a ‘new normal’ won’t be something we can do overnight, but in this edition of Healthy Communities News, we see how simple kindness can go a long way to getting there.

This article is part of the CVS Health-Harris Poll National Health Project which explores health attitudes and perceptions covering a wide range of relevant and timely topics.