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Healthy Conversations: 2021: A year of transformation

January 11, 2022 | Healthy Conversations

On this episode of Healthy Conversations, we take a look back to the future, revisiting some of our most impactful segments from 2021. As Daniel likes to point out, in so many ways, the future is already here, it just hasn’t been democratized yet. In this episode, Dr. Kraft revisits his discussions with the health care industry’s leading voices on topics that range from sickle cell disease (redefining the red blood cell) to the data supply chain to preeclampsia and ‘physician culture.’

Daniel also takes a long look forward at the ways health care will continue to evolve as an industry in 2022, creating a system that’s more proactive, equitable, and collaborative. We learned a lot from our guests on Healthy Conversations last year, thank you to all of our guests and a very special thank you to all health care professionals who work so hard to care for us all.