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Healthy Conversations: COVID-19 Recovery

September 10, 2020 | Healthy Conversations

In the second episode of Healthy Conversations — an open discussion among healthcare professionals about innovation, what we're learning on the front lines of this pandemic, and how our industry is changing in real time — we turn our attention to Recovery. Data is critical in addressing the challenges of COVID-19 and influences so many of our daily, clinical decisions. How will big data, more specifically “distilling multiple biometric data streams,” transform medicine moving forward?

Join our hosts, Doctors Dela Taghipour and Daniel Kraft, in conversation with Dr. Eric Topol (Scripps Research Translational Institute), Dr. Caroline Buckee (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health), Adam Pellegrini, and Firdaus Bhathena (CVS Health).

To learn more about the future of wearables, telemedicine, biometric data modeling, the DETECT study, and beyond, click to play the full interview with Dr. Eric Topol, Adam Pellegrini, and Dr. Daniel Kraft below or simply search for Healthy Conversations wherever you listen to podcasts.