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Healthy Conversations: Genetic health

March 3, 2022 | Healthy Conversations

This episode features Dr. Joanne Armstrong, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Women’s Health and Genomics alongside Dr. Robert Nussbaum, CMO at Invitae and Dr. James Beck, Chief Scientific Officer at Parkinson’s Foundation. Learn more about the work Dr. Beck is doing at Parkinson’s Foundation.

Dr. Armstrong talks with Daniel about the incredible impact genes can play in women’s lives, helping to shape prognosis and clinical decisions, in addition to improvements in prenatal screening. She also takes us behind-the-scenes of Aetna’s new guided genetic health services — now expanding into enhanced maternity and transform oncology programs.

Dr. Nussbaum dispels a number of myths about interpreting genetic data, draws important distinctions around clinical-grade testing versus what is more widely available to individuals, and describes the many important ways genetic information can be used for reproductive planning, screening, and even managing disorders.

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