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Healthy Conversations: The future of oncology care

September 10, 2021

The future of oncology care is closely tied to developments in precision medicine. Join us as we explore Transform Oncology Care (TOC) with Dr. Roger Brito, Division Head of Enterprise Oncology, CVS Health. Dr. Brito is part of the multi-disciplinary team behind our (TOC) program. The program helps patients start on the most appropriate therapy faster and supports them through ongoing, digital engagement and care management. TOC also connects patients to genomic testing, thanks to our partners at Tempus, and clinical trials where appropriate.

As Dr. Brito told us, “The question first posed to our team was straightforward: ‘How do you fix cancer care?’ We found that cancer patients are likely to experience what we call ‘triple toxicity.’ Of course, there’s a physical toxicity of treatments, like chemotherapy. But there can also be financial toxicity, because of out-of-pocket costs, and there’s another toxicity from the psychosocial effects of having cancer.” TOC aims to address all three, putting patients at the heart of their care.

Our second guest, Dr. Kim Blackwell is the Chief Medical Officer, a former oncologist and Eli Lilly trialist, she is the Chief Medical Officer at Tempus, a technology company with the world's largest library of clinical and molecular data that's also accessible to patients, physicians and researchers.

To start, Daniel sat down with Dr. Pat Basu, President & CEO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, to discuss his unique point of view on the evolution of oncology care, precision medicine, his time as a Fellow advising the White House, and treating the whole patient.