A Pharmacist sorts prescriptions ready for pick-up at CVS Pharmacy.

Pharmacy services

We strive to understand the unique needs of individuals and help them get the care they need conveniently. With over 9,900 retail stores, along with our easy-to-access mail pharmacy, and our chronic care specialty pharmacy services, we are partners in your health care needs at every step.

A Pharmacist sorts prescriptions ready for pick-up at CVS Pharmacy.

Two women discuss their purchases while shopping at a CVS location.

Retail pharmacy

With more than 9,900 locations, there is a CVS Pharmacy within 5 miles of most Americans. Our pharmacy care teams provide trusted advice and counsel to help our patients get and stay healthy.

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Mail pharmacy

Our members depend on their medications to keep them healthy. We work to ensure that prescriptions are affordable at the lowest possible cost, and we also make it easy for them to access their medicines in whatever way is most convenient.

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A woman, using a tablet computer to refill her prescriptions, reads the medication label on her prescription bottle.
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Specialty pharmacy

People with rare or chronic conditions often require complex treatments and specialty medications that can be more costly for both payors and patients. Making sure those medications are available at the lowest possible cost – and without a long wait – is a top priority for us.

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