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Twin sisters build lifelong careers with Aetna

May 30, 2023 |2 minute read time

Cannon sisters shoulder to shoulder smiling with CVS Heart in the background

Kathy (left) and Rosey Cannon

Sisters Kathy and Rosey Cannon have been with Aetna 48 years. They’re proud of their careers, and the family they found along the way.

For twins Kathy and Rosey Cannon, family has always been big. “We have lots of cousins on both mom and dad’s sides, many who took the trains in to Philadelphia for work,” Kathy remembers. “We still hang out. We’re always the loudest table at the restaurant.”

Kathy and Rosey have stuck together, and not just as siblings: both have been employed with Aetna® for the past 48 years. “We were 17, about to graduate high school,” says Kathy, “and we were looking for jobs. Mom saw an ad in the paper for the brand-new Medicare claims office in Fort Washington. She drove us over and waited in the car while we had our interviews.”

Younger black and white portrait of Rosemary Cannon on the left and Kathleen Cannon on the right

Rosey and Kathy started their first jobs with Aetna in 1975, just after graduating high school.

They were both hired that summer of ’75. Kathy handled checks, but Rosey, not a fan of the office’s typewriters, preferred data entry. Her duties included keying claims with a teletype — a printing device that used ticker tape to relay electronic signals. “They were loud, and they took up entire walls,” says Rosey. “But you got used to it.”

“Sort of,” adds Kathy.

It’s a family affair

According to the sisters, they were the first family members Aetna hired together at the Pennsylvania office. “We were the test,” says Kathy. “We worked so well that they started hiring moms and their daughters or sons.”

Their careers have evolved significantly since the 70s: Kathy and Rosey have respectively worked three and four different roles with Aetna. They’ve been at their current positions in Blue Bell, PA since 1997 — Kathy in infertility as a care management associate, and Rosey as an overpayment consultant.

Staying current with all the changes has been no small ask. “Rose is way better with computers than I am,” Kathy admits.

Still, Kathy and Rosey have remained empathetic and positive. “One woman told me, after struggling with her provider for so long, that she would have given up on having a baby if not for my help,” says Kathy. “I love the work I do, and the people I work with.”

Many of those people Kathy and Rosey have worked with are now lifelong friends. “We share social circles, so they’re just part of the family,” says Rosey.

Even as their original colleagues have retired, the next generation has proven to be just as great. “It’s nice: they’ll come to us with questions we have experience with, and I can ask them for help with technology,” says Kathy.

Kathy and Rosey are both very excited to become great aunts in August and have no plans to stop bringing their wealth of experience to Aetna anytime soon.

Thank you, Kathy and Rosey, for being a part of our family as we celebrate the 170th anniversary of Aetna!

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