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Introducing Dr. Khaldun, our first Chief Health Equity Officer

August 03, 2022

What cracks do we continue to discover in our medical systems throughout the pandemic? And what can be done to make sure that everyone gets better care in the months and years ahead?  Hosts Melissa and Hilary learn from Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, who has already made a difference in public health, most recently as the chief medical executive for the state of Michigan.  Now she’s bringing that wealth of experience to her new role as the Vice President and the first-ever Chief Health Equity Officer for CVS Health.

As Dr. Khaldun says, “When it comes to health equity, I think people often assume it's about taking resources away from one group and giving it to another. But health equity is really not a zero-sum game. Quite frankly, everyone's health gets better when you address those who have been historically marginalized.”

This episode is the first in a series that will examine health equity. Listen to the podcast episode below for more detail about Joneigh’s incomparable experiences that led to her new role here at CVS Health.